New Consultants


I am your Sr. Sales Director, Rosa (Rose) Lamb.  Your Director will  guide you as you begin your business adventure! CONGRATULATIONS ON A SMART DECISION!   Get ready for fun!


First print your new consultant orientation packet AND the Script Pages Booklet by clicking on the links below.  

Print the packet at the link with your director’s name.  Also, you will find the Ready, Set Sell document on this page which you can print if you do not have one from your recruiter.  This orientation packet  will guide you step by step to get started with the most important things in your business .  Begin right away with the Checklist #1 in the orientation packet. Your recruiter will help you go through the checklist.  Just follow the instructions to claim your prize online.  


The entire orientation book you should keep with you in your focus folder which is a manilla folder to help you track your progress.  It will be given to you by your recruiter or your director.  You should have a focus folder for each month beginning with the month you began your business,  to help you keep all your monthly documentation organized and track your success.


Your recruiter will help you unpack your kit and organize your kit.  If your recruiter is not in your geographical area, no worries!  We will find you a “sister” at the success meeting who will help you unpack and organize your kit.

Click Here for Essentials to Add to your Starter Kit

CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING YOUR ORIENTATION! Make sure to review so you receive all your prizes that you qualified for!

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